I am Isaac Cesar, a Spanish photographer born in Valencia. My love for photography began at the age of 17, after having spent many years researching ways of expressing myself artistically. At the age of 19 I started to explore photography through self-study as I was completing my course of studies in Electronic. After completing my education, I decided to follow my newfound passion: I moved to Madrid and achieved  the International Master of Photography in the prestigious school of photography EFTI. After 5 years in Madrid working as an assistant photographer at Addict Studios with a variety of nationally-famous brands, I bumped into my first great opportunity, denoted by a one-way ticket to Mexico. Waiting for me, was my first employment as a professional photographer with an organisation called DreamArt Photography.

Thanks to this experience, I became a Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer. During my time with DreamArt time I had the opportunity to travel in Mexico, Latin America and even the USA. In some of these trips (Tijuana, Mexico, and Buenos Aires, Argentina) I was given the unique chance to exhibit my personal photographic projects. Florence has now been my home for over two years. In Italy, I have decided to embark into a new adventure, as I feel it was time to put into action a project that I can call my own: Recordables Photography. My personal growth and professional development has continued in the recent years, and it has given me the honour to win the Leonardo da Vinci award in 2018.

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