Ali + Live

Valencia, Spain

Valencia, Spain. 16 April 2017

The first thing that jumped up on the way to Ali and Live’s wedding, was an enormous graffiti that they had painted to welcome all guests. It showed their creative, colourful, and happy nature perfectly. For the occasion, they had set up a warm and welcoming atmosphere in the middle of a pine grove at “Les Panses”, with the sun shining through the pine leaves, painting the environment with the warm light that is characteristic of a day at the end Summer. The ceremony was articulated by laughter, tears, and moments charged with emotions. The couple had their faithful four-legged hairy companions, Socio and Google, run to the altar with the rings. It was a joyful day that began with an informal cocktail with good background music, followed by a lunch full of surprises, to conclude with a frenetic dance performed by the newlyweds, filled with comedy and outfit changes, at the rhythm of a Reggae and Rock jam session, that accompanied all guests until dawn.

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