Greta + Claudio

Florence, Italy

Florence, Italy. January 30th 2018

The one reported here, was a grandiose wedding to say the least. As great as its main characters, whose looks and gestures were clearly conspiratorial, and whose captivating energy made all guests dance til the end.
The day had started with a coffee and a haircut at a Florence barber shop with Claudio and his pumped up fiends. This was followed by Greta’s preparation surrounded by all of her maids of honour.
The ceremony occurred at Santa Maria Novella, which was a privilege for both bride and groom, and us photographers! We then took a brief photo session with the newlyweds in the centre of Florence, which led to the Villa Medicea in Artimino, also known as Villa of the hundred chimneys, where the reception and big party took place. As you can imagine, the importance of the day was made even greater due to the ending of a year. The whole day had been organised meticulously so that all guests could enjoy a double party. Greta and Claudio were phenomenal!

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