Majo + Dani

Valencia, Spain

Valencia, Spain. 30 April 2017

 “Here is where everything starts” written on a wooden pallet adorned with fragrant lavender flowers was shining at the entrance of Mas D’Alzedo, Valencia, on the 30th of April 2017, welcoming the guests of Majo and Dani’s wedding. The ceremony, organised by Meraki Plan, was set in the villa’s garden. The bride arrived escorted by her God father in a typical dress, while the groom waited at the altar impatiently, hiding his hands behind his back holding a flower to give his bride at her arrival. Amid tears and words of joy, they said “I do”, leaving then space to celebrations in the villa, lightened by hundreds fairy lights. Happy laughter was filling the environment throughout the celebration. For us too, this was the beginning of a new journey, as Majo and Dani were the first who put their trust in us. Therefore, we made “Here is where everything starts” our motto.

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