Rebeca + Brandon

Monterrey, Mexico

Monterrey, Mexico. October 2018

 This was for us much more than a wedding. We could confidently say that these were days of celebration shared with people that, to this day, we keep in our most beautiful memories. Rebeca and Brandon’s wedding lasted three days, with guests that travelled from all over the United States and Mexico. It would be impossible to identify what the most salient or surprising moments were, as the wedding was continuously filled with intense or unexpected events. The welcoming party for the groom’s guests involved a cocktail party on the roof of one of the tallest buildings in Monterrey, clearly bursting with mariachis. The wedding day was a continuity of intense emotions, from the preparation of groom and bride, through the majestic church altar, to the insane party led by DJ Omar, who could maintain the dance floor full ’til dawn. On the third day we escorted the newlyweds, their family and friends to the “tornaboda”, which in Mexico is the party dedicated to deal with the hangover from the previous night (which clearly entails more drinking), set in a rancho on the countryside. We partied until a light and refreshing rain suggested that it was time to get back home. We will never forget being part of all this. Special thanks go to Eli and Jorge, the bride’s parents, who have welcomed us as part of their family.

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