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Recordables have extensive experience in a variety of photographic genres: fashion, architecture, reportage, cuisine, and many more. Here, you will find some of the collaborations we have taken part to with different clients, including reportages and Lifestyle sessions.

Lifestyle Session

Here you can see a collection of photos taken over the years spent in Mexico. These are all shots taken from one-hour Lifestyle sessions with families that spent their holidays in Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Puerto Vallarta and Los Cabos. Recordables are trying to bring the concept of Lifestyle photography in Italy and Europe.

Photo Tour

Firenze, Chianti, Rome – Italy

This is a special type of Lifestyle photography: in this service, we followed Hector and Zuzana’s family to document their journey through Italy. Directly from Mexico, we joined the family in different locations: we started our journey together in Florence, went through the hills of Chianti, and concluded our adventure by spending a wonderful day in Rome. This type of service is largely personalised, for clients who are spending their vacation in Italy who are willing to make their memories unforgettable.

El Taco Mas Caro del Mundo

Grand Velas Resort – Los Cabos, Mexico

We have had the pleasure and honour to assist the launch of the most expensive taco in the world, which occurred in the Gran Velas Resort in Los Cabos, South Baja California, Mexico. During this session, we befriended the chef, who, for Isaac’s joy, offered us a cup of the famous Kopi Luwak – You must know that our photographer Isaac is a lover and compulsive drinker of coffee.

ALAS Arte Mexicano

Cancun, Mexico

Here you can find a photoshoot that we realised with ALAS Arte Mexicano, a project that aims at promoting and disseminating the handcraft from indigenous Mexican towns. You will find gorgeously refined handmade clothes.

Sprayground ft. Marcelo Vieira

Madrid, Spain

Here are shots from the launch of the new Sprayground backpack that we created in collaboration with Marcelo Vieira, a famous Brazilian football player, defender of the football team Real Madrid.

Marta Milani

Florence, Italy

This is a photographic session with the wonderful yoga teacher Marta Milani, who has been appointed as one of the TOP 15 Yoga Influencers in the 2018 Yoga Magazine Italia.

Interior architecture photo

Grand Velas Resort – Los Cabos, Mexico

Here you can find a small collection of photos taken for the Marketing department of some of the suites in the Resort Grand Velas.

Alibi Night ft Goodays @Club21

Florence, Italy

Here is the reportage of a fantastic evening spent at Club21 in Florence, organised by Alibi Nught and sponsored by the emerging clothing brand Goodays.

Società Toscana di Orticoltura

Florence, Italy

Reportage fotografico per la mostra annuale di piante e fiori della Società Toscana dell’Orticultura

Cancun Wedding Experience

Cancun, Mexico

This is the reportage of the annual event dedicated to the wedding market, in one of the most important wedding destinations in the world.

Cucina privata – Waxmore

Florence, Italy

A culinary event spent at Cucina Privata in Florence, with the participation of several Italian chefs and Waxmore, a renowned company of clothing and accessories for catering services.


Florence, Italy

Here is a photoshoot for Waxmore’s iCommerce, along with the Behind the Scenes. Waxmore is a renowned company of clothing and accessories for catering services, that we have worked with for several years.


Florence, Italy

Team Building with the pharmaceutical company Buona.


Summer Dreams/Into The Woods

Valencia, Spain

Photoshoot for the Summer/Autumn collection of the clothes brand Dresses2Kill.

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