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From Italy and Spain, Recordables are a team composed of 4 professionals of the image, with over 10 years of experience in the photographic sector.

We love photography, and we have always carried a camera with us to capture the important moments of our lives. We have made of our passion also our day job.

Having worked for several years between Mexico, Spain and Italy, we have perfectioned our Lifestyle method, which defines our photography. We have a vast knowledge of light use and composition.

Each one of us possesses an individual artistic style, developed through our personal journeys and individual taste.

We are proud of our differences, as they are the reason we all complement each
other, but we are also connected and harmonious in the way we work together.


I am Vincent, photographer, videomaker, and founder of Recordables. I am responsible for the creative direction of our films. I contribute to the photographic side whenever I get a chance to. I have worked in the audio-visual world for a long time…


I am Isaac Cesar, a Spanish photographer born in Valencia. My love for photography began at the age of 17, after having spent many years researching ways of expressing myself artistically…


My name is Jonathan, but everyone knows me as Jonny. I am a photographer; I was born in Italy but I feel at home everywhere I go…


My name is Gonzalo, I am a photographer and video-maker. I have vast and varied experience, including weddings, concerts, fashion and art photography. I can get to throw myself on the floor or climb on a tree if the situation requires it…


I am Cristina, and I support the photographers as a community manager and social media expert. I have loved capturing moments through photography since before the digital era. I constantly renew my knowledge of photography and I enjoy following new trends…

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